Which is best ? On page optimization or Off page optimization


Both are best. But my suggestion compare to others on page optimization is most important and valuable for search engine optimization. Because major search engines such as Google, Bing, yahoo first look out you web page information via on page optimization. Then they try to analysis social media shares, back-links etc.

Here Off page optimization does not end in any time. You need to make this optimization regularly, If you wish to compete your competitors websites in search engines. But if you make perfect on page optimization in one time you need not update it anytime. If your blog or website have off page optimization but it does not have any on page optimization, your website definitely loose its traffic in search engines. So think these guidelines before make search engine optimization.

If you have any other kind of ideas about On page optimization or Off page optimization do let us via comment.


Both the Off Page & Onpage Optimization are important for good Search engine results.

On Page Optimization is the activity where a website is optimized to get good position on search engine, like, using alt tags, keywords is meta tag, keyword-density, proper usage of keywords in heading tags.

On the other hand, Off Page Optimization is the activity that is done to get good backlinks from other relevant sites to improve the ranking performance on SERP. Off page optimization creates strong back links for the site which not only helps for search engine ranking but also to drive traffic from sites where we have done all these submissions.

So both are two major factors that depend to get good results for a website on SERP. I recently went through a few web design companies which specialize in both off page & onpage services.
I recommended DEXUSA that is one of the best web design company that offers competitive SEO services to the global clients.

Your time is much better spent focusing on onpage factors. By producing good content, people who are interested in what you have to offer will learn about your product and spread the word on their own. If you become the foremost authority for your niche, Google will recognize that and reward you with higher rankings.

Google has gotten very good at detecting link spam, and even tactics like guest posting could soon be penalized on some level. Anything you do to build links will be almost certainly be flagged by Google at some point in time. Your best offsite strategies will motivate natural growth instead of “building links”.

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