Which 1 is more effective ONpage SEO or Off page SEO?


I just want to know that which SEO is more effective On page SEO or Off page SEO? If any one have a good knowledge about that then please let me know.



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Only in what we can be sure that the on-page and off-page seo is important. I think the only engineer in Google have the correct information(maybe,maybe not).

According to my experience, On-page SEO is 40% and Off-page SEO is 60% important.

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I would say that on page SEO is more effective than the off page seo. Don’t trust any one try it your self take one two websites do only off page seo for one and for another just do on page seo you will find that the the one page site will provide you more better and quick results than the off page seo site

He is right, it’s like the questioned asked above. A perfect combination of both on-page and off-page optimization is needed to achieve high ranking and drive good amount of traffic to the site. on-page optimization is the base on which you can build your site popularity, and off-page optimization is the building that you would raise upon the basement (on-page optimization). Both are equally important.

On-page and off-page SEO are essential dual strategies for improving the status of your website in the search engine results pages. While on-page search engine optimization is sometimes sacrificed at the expense of the other because off-page search engine optimization yields results in less time, it is better to regard them as equally important in the short and long term success of your website.


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I think On Page SEO has about 30% affect and OFF page SEO has 70% affect. So… Off page SEO is more important.

Is this a serious question or have I just lost the path to reality and everything I think is real is infact just a pointless ploy to get exposure…

i think onpage seo has about 75% of total effectiveness and offpage only 20%

so onpage seo wins!!!


No it can’t be one of those threads to get another post with sig links - can it?

A similar question would be to ask whether air or food is more important to life.

Onpage has 20 to 30% in terms on ranking while Offpage is 70 to 80%.

Think about link popularity. :smiley:

Without any stats to back up the percentages people are quoting the only thing that can be determined from all the different percentages suggested so far is that on page counts for somewhere between 0 and 100% and offpage counts for somewhere between 100 and 0%.

Think about how worthwhile content needs to be in order for people to link to it.

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In the past, it was possible to leverage a page within a site with hundreds of thousands of inbound links to cross the threshold. Now, with the onset of pliable content management systems, once domain authority is produced, the approach for producing top rankings has shifted from the old (80% off page factor) to (80% on page SEO / 20% domain reputation) which is somewhat divisible by links.


Off page optimization is more effective for seo. On page also important but backlinks really improve your ranking very fastly.

What I’ve been seeing for my sites is that Google really responds well to links (off page SEO). I’ve experimented with a couple of sites in this way and more links seem to be better than keyword rich content. Of course, both are the best.

What I have seen is that Google responds well to well written articles that target a specific subject very closely. I have a number of web pages that got to number one for their subject’s keyword phrase within days of them being written while the only links to the page were from within the same site.

There is no point in even looking at off page SEO when the on page SEO got you the number one spot right from the start.

There is no contest between on page SEO and off page SEO. You have to have good on page design then you can go for off page promotion. You need to have quality content and well optimized web design. Then you can focus on link building, getting quality links from relevant sites.