Need Full On Page Strategy

Well i am a web designer & was also worked as seo for basic on page & off page, i know the back links are most important for getting rank of site, but i have a secret question regarding On page.

I have a friend who also going SEO work as freelancer, he said! he doing only strong On page for site & not doing any off page & link building strategy for any website, also for testing him i gave him a client site for ranking & yes within 2 weeks he get rank of that site for 4 competitors keywords, which still on top page in three main search engines. I was asked him about his on page strategy but he refuse me & did not told me about anything.

So here if anyone knows about this than please let me know i have a client & i need to get rank of site because we agreed.
Please share your suggestions.

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Proper on-page optimization for your website really matters to get good result. Metadata,sitemaps,robots tag,robots file,image optimization,fresh content are very important things.

Hello shawnmikes, This is really important question. When i want to build a new blog or website then i follow some strategy for on-page SEO as follows

Keywords Research
A good and blog niche related domain name selection
A clean and well designed theme
Attractive homepage title selection
Meta description selection
Content strategy
XML sitemap submission

On page is not just making meta title or description. Everyone knows Google is updating day to day and SEO is going very deeply. if you really want to get knowledge related to on page optimization then you should have to study Google Guideline for a website.

In on page seo optimization there are many things :

proper meta tags
xml sitemap
url optimization
alt text attributes of image
robots.txt file

Onpage optimization affects 70% part of any website as compare to Offpage optimization. It is a first and most important SEO practice for any website. Onpage optimization helps to make search engine friendly website which could be able to get more backlinks and more organic traffic from search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
In my opinion, your should read the " [I]SEO guidelines by Google[/I]" to learn complete Onpage optimization techniques.

On page strategy is the first step in SEO. And this step is play the main role.
Following are the steps in on page

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Remove all the errors from website by using third party tools.
  3. Write proper title,description, keywords with the limitation they have.
  4. Add alt tag to all the images.
  5. Check the keyword density.
  6. Add google analytics code.

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