Which are the best Off page activities?

This question put on you because of not got much ranking used off page seo techniques, we are a SEO agency in Delhi India, and used Off page SEO activities such profile creation, Classified submission , local listing submission, and guest posting etc, but not got much ranking on google please suggest your techniques which used by you.

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Welcome to the forums, @ankit19.

As an SEO agency, you must surely know that links which you place yourself in this way are of little or no worth in SEO, as they’re largely ignored by search engines. Also, reputable sites will mark user-submitted links “nofollow”, as we do here. The only valuable links are those you earn, by having high-quality content to which other sites will choose to link.

High-quality, unique content is the key to a good search-engine ranking, as it is your content which is indexed and returned in search results, not the number of links you’ve created.