Which SEO off page technique is best to maintain keywords ranking?

I am working with SEO off-page techniques to get ranked for a website keywords.

If some keywords are on a good rank, then which SEO technique will be best for maintaining that position on search engine?



Identify those keywords that you want to protect & their associated web pages. Ask your self:
“Can i improve these pages”?, for example you may have a web page that ranks well for “Hotel with Gym”… Is that imaginary page really answering all the questions a web browser may have regarding a hotel gym. For example does it detail the choice of free weights? Is there a squat rack? How many benches are there? etc… All you have to do is improve improve improve (assuming you’ve maxed out all on page classic optimisation techniques). Always image your target audience and what they really want to know / experience and always push the best stand out best in class content.

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All Off page activities are very important for maintaining the keyword ranking…But link building is very essential and mostly try to get do follow backlink to your site.


Off Page Seo is process of building back links for website and webpages. Guest Posting is the best way to get high quality backlinks from the site which gives good results in website ranking.

Some of the best off-page SEO techniques to maintain keywords ranking are;

Guest Blogging
Blog Commenting
Infographic Submission
Social Media Engagement


@onebasemediauk: you have posted that kind of list elsewhere in the forums, (and been asked not to post lists with no details), but I am afraid you are misinformed.

Links which you post yourself are of little or no value in SEO.

Blog commenting and forum posting with the intention of gaining links is more likely to get you banned from the sites in question than have any benefit for SEO. Additionally, reputable sites will mark user-submitted links as nofollow, as we do here, rendering them useless for SEO.

“Infographic Submission” - submission where, how and for what purpose? An infographic is simply a type of image, and unless you are very careful in providing a text alternative, will be of little help, as search engines can’t read images.

Social Media Engagement may well bring traffic and have indirect benefits, but most social media links are nofollow.

Apart from being largely a waste of your time, creating links with the intention of manipulating search rankings is a violation of the TOS of all the major search engines, and may result in your site being penalised.




As @Nightwing has already explained, the key to high ranking is good quality, unique content.

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You are right that you care about the maintaining of the keywords ranking.

Based on my experience, the most effective off-page strategy will be to earn new backlinks.
How to calculate the regularity? - The speed depends on the activity of the nearest competitors. The more often they do it - the more often you need to work. What ways they use - then you need to do.

Keyword research is important if you know that keyword which are used to increase your website ranking then first you have to optimise your content which emphasis on those keyword.If you want to perform off-page technique then you try to build up new back-links on your focus keyword. with guest posting and comment posting.

To all posters:

Please do not post a list of tasks with no explanation, which is of no help to anybody. Please pick one or two activities you consider to be the most useful and explain clearly how to carry them out to best effect.

Posts with insufficient detail will be deleted as fluff.


Always keep in touch with your webmaster and focus on traffic on which pages and by which keywords you are receiving quality traffic and continue your backlink working on those pages but very slow. I usually do blog comments for those keywords 3 to 5 daily to maintain the ranking.

You have to create backlinks on High DA and PA websites

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Did you read through the thread before posting?

I’ve posted links to the major search engines’ TOS to back up that statement. If you want to disagree with me, that’s fine, but please provide authoritative links (i.e. from one or more major search engines) to back up your view.

As a newbie in SEO. I am also interested to know about SEO off page tactics. Lots of people just input different methods but didn’t describe in details.

If you are new to SEO, @contact378, then I strongly recommend you start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. It will take you through all the basics, and, very importantly, you can be sure that the advice given there is sound.

There are a great many “experts” offering their own brand of SEO advice on the Internet, but you should always check the search engines’ guidelines before carrying out any suggestions, as not all advice is good advice. It is much easier to read the guidelines and avoid any penalties than to take bad advice and try to recover from it afterwards.

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I think all offpage activities are important in maintaining keywords ranking but yes first we need to analyse the keyword competition before getting it ranked. When it start ranking on search engine then we should concentrate on maintaining that keyword by making quality backlinks.

Quality Backlinks and Unique Content helps a lot in maintaining keywords ranking. Keeping yourself updated with latest google updates and guidelines. Always check google analytics and webmaster to keep your website error free and for easy indexing.

If you want to maintain the keyword ranking then all off page activities are very important. But Guest posting is the best way to get high quality backlinks.

Best way to get off-page techniques is forum posting site and blog posting because now days content is the king of SEO. get more do follow backlinks always.

Sorry, but that’s not true.

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