Where to place Company Name

To get the best SEO results, where should you place your Company Name in the HTML Title meta-tag?

Should it be at the beginning…

Bobs Woodworking - How to Restore Old Furniture

Or should it be at the end…

How to Restore Old Old Furniture - Bobs Woodworking

I think it doesn’t matter, because the whole page must be relevant, not only the title


I absolutely agree with this. @magazoid, you certainly have my :heartpulse: now. :wink:

Google offers detailed advice:

I think it does matter, and that is why I’m asking.

I read that last night - it’s not very helpful to my OP.

There used to be a page in Google’s Webmaster section that detailed this, but I can’t find it.

I am pretty sure that Google recommended that you place the Subject/Topic first and the Company Name last, but I would like some validation.

That makes sense, because the page content should trump your company name - if even by only a little.

Anyone else care to chime in?

I am slightly agree with @mikey_w

We can use the company name in some particular page like home page, about us, contact us etc.

According to Google you can use company name to make title differentiate between two pages.

ExampleSocialSite: A Place For People To Meet And Mingle.
A Place For People To Meet And Mingle:ExampleSocialSite

If your company name also have your targeted keywords or you want your company name to be prominent is search engines then you should place your company name in h1 tag

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