How do I upload files?

I have three domain names all hosted by hostgator.

Two of my websites have wordpress, but one doesn’t. I would like to use this website to build a website myself (instead of wordpress) I have used filezilla before to upload files for my Wordpress sites, but I have never uploaded all of the files to create a website.

Where do I upload these files, as I have a few folders on the server, two of them that have the names of my other two domains but I am wondering which folder to upload my css, images and js folders to, along with the index.html.

Now I have uploaded the files into the folder that has the same name as the domain name, but this hasn’t worked?

I hope this makes sense

Thanks in advance

What else is inside that folder? Usually you need to place them in a folder called something like /public_html/.

Thanks for the quick response.

Here is a screenshot of the folders that I have. I uploaded the files into the “never up never in” folder, but this didn’t make any difference? Are you saying I should be uploading the files into the public html folder? anyway here are the folders, if you could solve this for me I’d be very grateful!

Normally you’d place the files inside a /public_html/ folder, but I’ve never worked with a setup like this where you have sites grouped like that. What’s inside the folder?

You have to publis in /public_html if you want them to be visible for all of your visitors. If not, the will not display correctly.

The problem is, which site is that /public_html/ folder we see in the image for? It’s not so straight forward here. The sites in question seem to be subdomains or something like that.

This is what I have in my public html folder:

I have two other domains markjamesgolfcoaching and ontargettdesign, these are hosted by hostgator also. I bought these domains and hosted them under the same “baby” hosting package that I pay monthly for. Have I hosted these correctly?

Are those folders inside the folder? If so, I’d say you have problems happening here.

I’ve seen client hosting like this before, and I always run a mile from it. It’s just such a mess … but that’s me speaking, with my nice little VPS that keeps each site separate from the other. This kind of setup just looks like a disaster waiting to happen to me. I’ve struggled to help people with this sort of setup before, and I never did figure out what was going on, I’m afraid. But I urge you to get the hosts to give you proper guidance on how to set these separate sites up properly. Leaving you floundering with a mess like this is reprehensible.

Thanks for the advice. I managed to get onto the live chat with hostgator and he explained what was happening and how to solve it.

I didn’t have a .htaccess file that pointed to my html landing page, so he showed me how to create on for the future if I decide to get rid of wordpress on the other two domains. He also explained the lay out for me which i understand now.

When you say VPs what do you mean, is this your own hosting server? If so how is that set up?

VPS stands for “virtual private server”. Many hosts offer a VPS package, which is a hosting account that lets you run lots of sites. It tends to be a bit pricey, though you can find pretty good deals. They come in two flavors—managed and unmanaged. Unmanaged is much cheaper, but you have to look after the server yourself, install software, keep it up to date etc. … which is only for people experienced with such stuff. So I have a managed VPS, which is great. It comes with CPanel (a really nice control panel for managing each individual site on the VPS) and WHM, a great tool for managing the server.

What you have may be considered a VPS … I’m not sure. (I have seen client hosting that’s described as a VPS with the kind of nested site structure that you have, but I’m not really sure). Anyhow, I recommend that any time you get hosting, it includes CPanel, as it’s a nice and mostly intuitive control panel to work with, and many hosts use it, so it’s easy to move to the same environment is you decide to shift hosting.

I am with hostgator and have the “Baby” package, they are always at the end of a live chat if needed, which is perfect for me at the moment.

I also have access to the cpanel and the technician showed me how to create a .htaccess file if there wasn’t there already, so I’m sure as I learn more I have the benefit of having cpanel to have a look into the file structure of the websites.