My Wesbite is not working

Anyone know why the error message keeps showing up?
I have another website using the same host and it works fine. It keeps coming up with a 404 error message but when I look with FTP and file manager, all my files are there including index.html. The cPanel and email work so surely the domain is configured correctly. The site is hosted with

I think you should check your .htaccess file from your root folder.

It is blank. What should it contain for my site to display?

[FONT=Verdana]Are you sure that you’ve uploaded your files to the correct directory, and also that your home page is correctly named - usually index.html, index.php etc., unless your host has specifically told you otherwise.

Can you access any other page of your site by entering the full URL in the address bar?[/FONT]

Nine out of ten times this is because you uploaded your web files to the wrong directory.

The only section I can access is the cPanel. [noparse][/noparse]
I am 100% sure that the files have been uploaded to the correct directory, “public_html”. I have another website on the same host and it works fine.

Have you checked the file/folder permissions on the new content. If these have a different owner or permission level that what the web-server needs then the files will be non-assessable?

Ah, another case of “you get what you pay for!”

Yes, the responders are giving good advice but it takes a reputable host to put a server together (and help newbies). There are MANY fine hosts out therre and they charge “peanuts” so there is no excuse to run to a “free host.”



Take all those files and put them under a new folder on the existing website which is working.


Try to open that folder on browser and check the index file.

If the files are working that means the files have no issues.

Next thing, go back to your control panel and see if you have two index files.

Delete one of them.

Also check in CPANEL if the files are at the right directory.

You also need to check if your nameservers are configured correctly in the domain registrar.

What have you done? Your site is now working.