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Does anyone know how can i post a folder that has some webcodes for a page and access on the web?

There should be a directory called public_html or www, try one of those.

i did put it but how do i acess it on the web?

Type your website domain into the address bar.

Well i wanna test a folder of codes to see how it run on the web. So i need to know how do i acess the directory ad read the file

Well, if you signed up for a domain name for example, then while using Cpanel, upload your files to the directory public_html or www and then in your favorite web browser, type your domain you signed up with into the address bar.

So for example, if I signed up for the domain name, I’ll upload all my documents to the public_html or www directory. Then, I’ll go on Firefox and type in, all of the files that I uploaded will be there. If you uploaded a directory for example called test. Then all you need to do is type your domain name into the address bar along with the directory name. So for example, it would be


Maybe try FileZilla to upload your directory because I find cPanel klunky.

FileZilla can also synchronize files which is very handy because selecting changed files in a folder eliminates having to select individual files or overwrite every file.

I believe it has applications for all platforms and is free with an optional donation facility.

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Okay let the file that need to be open in the web is index.html and its in a folder called test. Then in the search bar i will type www.domain_name.come/test/index.html?

If the file is an index file, you don’t need to type in index.html or index.htm. By default, all servers are configured to look for index.html. So if it’s just the index file, you can just type in

If it’s other files, you’ll have to type that into your address bar. So if I have a file I want to test and it’s test.html and it’s within the test directory, all I do is

That’s it.


Works. Thank you!!!

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