Where is the right place to install Codeigniter 4 (in the root folder "html" or its sub-directories)?

Hello everybody!

I want to start learning CI. I have LAMP with Ubuntu 16.04 on Virtual Box 7.0 I don’t understand this. I have noticed that everyone sets CI to its own folder below root. Lise so: www/html/codeigniter And unpack its files here and as a result we have something like localhost/codeigniter What’s the point doing that? After all, we usually put our files in the root folder “html”. OR the site should not be installed in the same folder alongside CI? Thus the site goes to the html folder, and CI goes to another one so they don’t interfere with each other? Suppose in the future I will have some kind of CRM on CI. I want to put it on localhost. Then where should the CI files be? TOGETHER with the CRM script files OR in its own separate sub-directory?

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