Which Folder Should I Install SilverStipe Under?

I just got student discount hosting at inMotion. My website is set up under my initial domain. However, I will be running 3 sites on this one hosting account:

1 educational
1 hobby/educational
1 college department

InMotion’s script tool is asking where to install SilverStripe: under the domain or make a new folder. So should I install SilverStripe which I’ll be using their multi-site module under the main domain, or should I create a sub directory for the CMS and link the sites to it?

I think this might be a dopey question, but there it is. I don’t want to start off on a sloppy foot for something I could have been more detail oriented about at the very inception of building my sites. And I’m now in the point of my life when I realize I should not have been so sloppy in the beginning stages of projects. (:


ps. I am asking here and not at SilverStripe because right now their forum says I’m the only one there right now. ha

Hi pathways. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

This sounds like a question for inMotion to me. Normally, you’d install SilverStripe in the root folder of your site, so you need to find out where that is in your hosting setup.

Hi thank you for the fast reply. I thought this might be a general interest webmaster “what decision should I make?” question, not particular to a company service. Sorry if I’m asking here when they should answer. The script installer tool says:

Choose Domain
Please choose the domain to install the software.

… then my domain name is listed in a drop down menu or I can choose my IP#/~accountname

In Directory
The directory is relative to your domain and should not exist. e.g. To install at http://mydomain/dir/ just type dir. To install only in http://mydomain/ leave this empty.

… then there is a blank text box for me to create a new directory if I like.

ps. And thank you for the welcome!

Hm, the reason I said it may have to do with your host is that each one seems to be different. On mine, I can create as many “accounts” as I like, each associated with a particular domain. So each gets its own root folder (as if the others don’t exist). So unless you know that your setup uses a specific software that works in a documented way, it might be best to clarify with your web host how best to set up each domain. (I could be missing something obvious here, as this is not my area, but honestly, your web host should provide some information so that you aren’t guessing how to set up domains.)

I see what you mean now. I wasn’t even thinking in that capacity, which makes me even more certain I did the right thing by asking here. Thanks for my new wisdom! :stuck_out_tongue:

I held off for a day installing SilverStripe in a last minute bid to be exactly sure I wanted it. I am looking at Concrete5 as well and am in love with it, but I think SilverStripe will be better for my suite of 3 sites and will use Concrete5 on a pet project elsewhere. But I digress… the distraction gave me time to know for sure of my decision and to gain this bit of valuable “start off on a solid foundation” advice here–exactly what I was looking for.


ps. I have gleaned from this experience and knowing what to look for that I should install it in the IP#/username from the dropdown choices I listed above. I went back to inmotion CPanel and created an “addon domain”, one of the ones I will be creating and see the bigger picture now. Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback, pathways. I’m glad my meagre understanding was of some help. Both SilverStripe and Conrete5 are great CMSes. Another good one is MODx, which is also worth a look.

Hopefully we’ll see you again soon! Good luck with your sites. :slight_smile: