Where is the Code Archive for the 6th Edition of PHP & MySQL

Nowhere in the first 73 pages of the book is there a link provided to the code archive for the 6th Edition of PHP from Novice to Ninja.

Evidently this is a regular practice at Site Point because I read another poster to the forum wonder where the 5th edition code archive was.

By the way, all references to “code at 192.” and other place was never found be me.

I am currently wasting time trying to CSS the form on page 63.

Honestly; this book is so polarizing: great information and logic but then it shoots that good way in the foot with poor support. I hate these “download from the web” things. Whatever happened to the good ole “attached DVD”…?

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The code archive is linked to within the first few pages and there is an appendix specifically about using it.


…so far, so not so good, so what?


All I desire is any code which is not in the Book; the CSS file, any HTML that is “assumed”, etc.

I type most of the examples from scratch because the logic sinks into my brain better this way. This said, I want my examples to “appear” as printed in the Book.

I have yet to try Scallio’s link; but if the link given by the author is not fruitful, then how can anyone else’s be?

Did you see the “Use the “Change Branch” above to select the relevant code sample.” message in the readme file?

Click on the “Branch:master” button right above TomB’s icon then clone or download.

There is a whole appendix (mentioned in the table of contents and the preface) called “Using The Sample Code Repository”. There is a link to the repository on the page immediately before chapter 1 starts and a notice about the appendix which tells you how to use the source code.

As you’ll see from the appendix, you can either download the code individually or clone the repository and visit where you’ll see list of sample code, clicking the name of the sample will place the PHP files in your directory.

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