PHP Novice to Ninja sample code - 6th edition - where is the sample code for the final website?

I am using the book PHP Novice to Ninja 6th edition and have set up a virtual server, got a little php code to work.

Then used the instructions at the back of the book to do the git clone thing and got the sample code repository. I can see a list of available samples . For example


The sample code is shown and I can run index.php and see how jokes are added and deleted.

I then wanted to look at the final website . However, Final-Website contains only index.php and jokes.css

And running index.php gives errors … as of course the other files are not there.
Is it possible to see the final website .?.. have I done something wrong ? Was I wrong to think the final website should show me the final website ?

Thanks in anticipation


I’m not overly familiar with the book in question. Do you mean this repo?

If so, all of the code is in branches, so to see the final thing you’d do:

git clone
git checkout Final-Website 

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