Where do you go to buy quality websites?

Apart from Flippa.com, WebsiteBroker.com and [completely and ridiculous overpricing of] WebsiteProperties.com, where do you go to seek out premium, quality websites (internet businesses) for sale?

Not flips, not $100-month revenue, not AdSense-reliant content crap, but Internet businesses/websites that sell real products/services based on actual business models.

I screen Flippa every day. In my experience, why Flippa is great, it does not attract a lot of those kind of businesses. Very rarely would I see a quality resource with stable and sustainable strategy and income for sale.

Are there any private brokerage firms that specialize in these type of transactions? If so, which ones?

Possibly because those applications are providing income and job satisfaction to their creators, so the folks who built it feel less inclined to sell it. And if they were to sell it they would be placing a high value on it.

I have seen some really good properties listed at Flippa. Good applications. Great people involved. Outstanding business models. Unfortunately just very few and not too often.

And I don’t mind the high valuation. If the product is of high standard, its fair to charge fair value. At least you know it will work long-term. Something you can’t say about 95%+ of listing on Flippa.

I discovered a few other resources today:
www.businessesforsale.com (doesn’t list URLs or much information though)
they are interesting, but some are not very active.

I am just wondering whether there is something else, even if it is a private brokerage firm… I am just curious to see what the choices are.

The credibility of this site is scarred somewhat when you realise they’ve copied, word for word, flippa’s terms and conditions statement… only replacing ‘flippa’ with ‘websitepush’. Geez they’ve even copied in the bit about Australian law, despite the fact they’re not based in Australia! :slight_smile:

They’ve done the same with the privacy statement but left out the bit at the end about promising not to spam you. :stuck_out_tongue:

websitepush tos
flippa’s tos

I think most of it has to do with the fact that quite a few people realized an opportunity to spin-off an old SitePoint marketplace (what it was before before Flippa) in an effort to ride the wave of negative feedback Flippa has been getting. WebsitePush is clearly a brand new marketplace that was done in a rushed style.

Artashes, businessesforsale and various others - including locations for selling adult sites - are listed on FruitMedley’s site: where to buy a website

Thank you very much.
I’ve heard of FruitMedley - saw some of his posts here. He seems to have a good amount of experience in buying/selling websites. :slight_smile:

Speak of the Devil. This will be interesting:

Artashes, what does that auction have to do with Fruit or the topic in this thread? It’s a decent website, but it doesn’t have much history.

It doesn’t. I was just searching/naming/asking for marketplaces that might list quality businesses/websites for sale and WebsitePush was one of them - at the same time when it was mentioned it was also listed for sale (kind of an amusing timing). Hence the “speak of the devil” idiom…

I said the same in one of my above posts. No argument there.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Apart from Flippa.com, WebsiteBroker.com and [completely and ridiculous overpricing of] WebsiteProperties.com, where do you go to seek out premium, quality websites (internet businesses) for sale?

I must admit there seem to be less quality sites about in Flippa than there used to be. However, finding a good site takes time and patience. Prior to my moving online, I bought B&M businesses and it was normal to spend 200 hours or more in the search before finding a “potential” buy. Here’s the process:

  1. Get your finances ready and maintain proof of your finances
  2. Register with various business brokers and be honest with them about the extent to which you will self-finance and the extent to which you’ll need seller financing
  3. Register on places like businessesforsale and other listing sites
  4. Be prepared for a lot of junk, a lot of sifting and a lot of due diligence that leads to abandoning the purchase - wasted time.

Online is exactly the same. But you can be even more proactive. As I’ve suggested in the link 3Six so kindly provided, you can post a WTB ad in multiple locations. Also, think companies rather than the small change hobby sites typical in Flippa. That will lead you, for example, to sign up to get notifications of bankruptcies (example) - find your own ways to seek out businesses likely to be open to negotiation. Use your ingenuity. What I’m surprised about is that none of the big players here seem to be using PPC to get what they want. Amazing opportunity there, IMHO. If you’re spending 100 hours of your time, isn’t it cheaper to throw $100 at a PPC campaign?

Think out of the box.

For example, I’ve got deals with various valuation sites (in addition to the one I own). I also have lots of deals with brokers. There are more than a couple of places online where when anyone fills in a form about the possible sale of their business or looking for assistance with selling, advice on selling or valuation … a copy of the form comes to me. I’ve provided assistance and consultancy services to one of the UK’s biggest business listing sites in the running of their online businesses section. I charged them nothing but, you bet, I get something out of it.

You want to get ahead of the curve, you want to get tipped off before the site hits the market. The “normal” way businesses are sold … is not via online auction.

Bear in mind that if someone has a valuable secret to getting their hands on quality businesses at reasonable prices they are hardly likely to disclose it here and invite competition if it can be easily reproduced.

Thank you for the insight, FruitMedley Post. That’s what I’ve been looking for - a little insight from someone who specialized in the subject.

In agreement with both points. I started to seriously look for good purchases months ago and noticed that patience is one of the key factors. During these few months I have only narrowed to just 1 good sale I was comfortable with and that matched all my requirements, but unfortunately someone at the end got there before me. At this points I just wanted to expand my vision into the buying market, and I appreciate your advice!

Artashes, you may be interested in a new post I made here on a very little known technique for getting your hands on a good site at a good price.

And after all I said about not disclosing valuable secrets! :slight_smile:

I just clicked on your links and their are exactly what I wanted. Good tips and thanks for sharing them with us.

There’s a new marketplace at blarket.com that’s aiming to do that. It’s very new though

Zach it’s ok to say you’re the owner of blarket.com. And when you launch a new startup don’t introduce it with apologies like “it’s very new though” … be proud, introduce your work positively and invite folks to test drive it… and supply a feedback mechanism so people can tell you what they think.

definitely try flippa.com, ive used this for quite some time now, never rush into anything though, scammers are everywhere, and are easily recognizable, i saw a site on websitepush, which had a bin for 5k but was “supposedly” making 3k a month, common now, would you actually sell a site that dirt cheap if you make your roi in less then 2 months?? my advice, always, always ask a ton of questions b4 even thinking about buying a site, at least you’ll know pretty well what your getting yourself into then.

FLippa is a good market place and sometimes digital point has some good quality websites… and wf

Honestly, I have found the best deals surfing a number of reputable forums and buying sites that are offered from time to time.

After creating a new listing on flippa a few days ago, I got spammed by a guy advertising this site: http://www.ibuysellauctions.com/

It doesn’t appear to have any real listings right now. Perhaps it will become something to watch in the future though.

Please note: I have absolutely no affiliation with that website.