Selling a website

If I have a website and I want to sell it. Where I can suggest my site and start getting offers for it?
I’ve been looking around Google, but everything I found are paid programs in order to sell websites…
Anyone can recommend me on a good place where I can offer my website for sale?

You should try Flippa. It is part of the Sitepoint ‘family’ and gets lots of traffic.

everything I found are paid programs

Inevitably, if you are selling something, you must expect to pay a commission to the site or service that introduces you to the buyer. But the amount you pay is likely to be small, compared to the amount you are selling for.

I agree with Parkin that Flippa is a good place to start, if only because it’s the market leader. They do charge a fee, but the fee is modest, and the charges are all clearly set out on their site.


Digital point is also a useful site for buying and selling web content/full sites etc. Otherwise flippa is there with good auction system

I’m iffy on flippa. it doesn’t have the best reputation or should I say some of the sellers on it don’t.

Personally I think that a lot of people know this and as such you cannot get a premium price for it.

As to alternatives , I really don’t know. i’ll bounce back soon as i’m looking at buying some niche sites and am also looking for a marketplace.

Personally, I’ve sold a website on Digital Point and another using Flippa. The one on DP got a BIN offer right away and the one listed on Flippa went through a nice bidding competition before it was sold at a price that I am satisfied with.

If I were to do it again, I would list my website on Flippa first simply because it is a well known marketplace. People visit Flippa to buy and sell websites so theoretically, it is much easier to get an offer if you have a solid website with a comprehensive listing. From my experience, I find that buyers on Flippa tend to ask informed questions too. On DP, which one of my websites was sold 3 years ago, I had people asking me what is the website running on even though I’ve kept the “Powered by WordPress” footer.

Hope my experience above helps.

A very helpful reply, Wayne. I confirms what I’ve always thought about Flippa.


Website broker might also be a good place to look…

Flippa and Digital Point are the leaders. If it was just a domain GD auctions work well for that. You can always do your diligence to find a domain or business broker who knows what they are doing to help you as well.