Where is the best place to sell websites

I have been looking through all the forums and cannot find an open thread or forum to post a link to a site that is growing it has a solid platform for selling websites and is reasonably priced.

That is because we do not support self promotion (it is against our rules, as found in our FAQ)

I’d like to encourage you to read that and be certain the site you posted (of which I’ve removed for now) fits within our guidelines.


If you’re looking to sell, then you want our sister site, https://flippa.com/.


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There are many platform for selling website online but i think you need a internet broker who sell your website and also suggest you which platform is best for selling websites. Through internet broker you got idea in sell a website in market. Flippa is a best platform for sell website, domain and apps.

The best place to sell a website depends on the website.

If it’s a site with a million dollars in revenue, you’d hire a business broker to list the opportunity in M&A databases. Flippa is okay for low end sites. While some sell for $10K and above, the average price is under $1,000 (the last time I checked). So not ideal for proper online businesses.

If there is not much of a site and the value is mainly in the domain, I suggest you look at domain selling platforms rather than the likes of Flippa or brokers.

Hello Dear, There are number of online platforms to buy and sell your websites.

  1. Flippa.com
  2. BuySellWebsite.com
  3. Forums.digitalpoint.com
  4. GeekVillage.com

Warrior Forum - The most active IM forum and definitely has many potential buyers.

can i sell my blog also? i have some privee blog sites, which is very good constructed.

If it’s actually yours to sell, then yes. By that I mean that if it is a free blog hosted on Blogger or Blogspot, thewn the ToS expressly prohibit its sale, but if it’s a blog you’ve created using your own domain and hosting, then it would be the same as selling any other site.

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