Projects / sites for sale

I have a few sites that might be of interest to others to buy. Can I post the link straight in here? There’s about 10 in total, some really cool stuff including a custom search engine!


[FONT=Verdana]Hi Dan and welcome to the forums.

No, sorry - the forums are for discussion, so you can’t post your links here. You can, however, take a listing at the SitePoint Marketplace.[/FONT]

I may have made the same mistake…ill check out the market place.

The best place is at Flippa. many great opportunities there.

Based on what?

Top quality sites go to brokers. Mid quality sites are increasingly being sold in places like forums and privately and via brokers. Flippa’s has a lot of the low quality, template type sites and has an average sale price of around $1,000 but there are many places to sell sites like those.

Flippa is the largest single auction site, yes, but in dollar terms it accounts for less than 1% of the websites that get sold around the world every year.