Where do you go for Inspiration?

Wondering if people are the same as me or what people do for new inspiration…

I usually visit Behance or I check out BestWebGallery -

Where do you guys go?

I tend to stay away from css galleries as I sometimes have the ‘urge’ to just straight out copy a good design I see / or take certain parts… (Eg. I feel they limit creativity)

Instead I take my inspiration from other formats such as posters / tv / films.

What type of inspiration are we talking about? I assume you mean visual layout and presentation, well usually I’d probably meander around first formulate a plan and do a search for a specific topic.

Yep that’s what I meant - visual layouts and websites to get ideas from

I usually browse through The Design Inspiration or the [URL=“http://www.thefwa.com/”]Favourite Websites Award sites…not so much for specific projects, but for general design inspiration. Although I haven’t had much time lately, I’ll sometimes also browse through designs while looking for contests to enter at [URL=“http://www.99designs.com/”]99designs.

Sites on the Smashing Magazine network will also occassionally have posts with lists of inspirational designs…usually grouped by design trend, color, website type, etc.

Thanks Garcia for inputs

Magazines and sites like Communication Arts, Creative Review, Eye, FWA, It’s Nice That

Do you mean the website UI? You must see and learn more from other sites

Now days finding inspirational designs or layout is no more difficult. Its just far from you to query from the Google. Because Inspirational web designs or web templates have the much more search volume through out the world.

I always search to Google for my every problem !

My guilty eye candy inspiration pleasures come from here:



I have a collection of templates monster previews I saved over the time and am keeping an eye on smashing magazine, theme forest and other similar sites. Looks like I need to update my bookmarks, you guys gave some great links here :wink:

Commarts.com is very good - I find that most CSS galleries focus on boutique sites. I am always trying to find good inspiration for corp0orate websites. Another thing I do is to research the top brands for a project that I am working on - Much work goes into a site built at an agency - and there is much to be gleaned from them.