Inspirational Websites

Hi there

Does anyone know any websites i can get inspiration from to help me get ideas to build websites ???

Hi there,

I quite like Design Meltdown:
It categorizes websites by colour style, website type, design theme and so on.
It’s a really handy resource when you are looking for inspiration.

Excellent website for web design inspiration-

My goto place :wink:

Design Meltdown is good! Also be sure to subscribe to the blog at Smashing Magazine: Awesome articles and they periodically do “Top 100…” style posts. You can run a search through their huge archive for something like: “Best E-commerce Design” and get a ton of great articles and galleries. Get inspired then go make something great! ahhh! How did I forget that?!

A great place indeed.

I find that web design award sites are good places to get inspiration. I have no artistic ability. I lack the imagination and skill to make a pretty website. I can do basic business type websites. But I will never do anything artistic. Here’s my list of inspiration sites.

Plenty of beautiful designs to be found here:
Already mentioned:
Find more designs on the left under Award -> Web Design -> Archive
You can also look for more designs under Portolios.

I noticed some of the sites doing a parrallax type of effect with images. This is interesting how the images move when you move your mouse:

I had more web design award sites on my list. But some of them seem to have been abandoned since the last time I checked and are broken so I didn’t include them.

Another place to look for inspiration are template sites, commercial or free. Sites like TemplateMonster, ThemeForest, etc.

templatemonster is my favorit, so many cool stuff over there. anda can use for your inspiration

I prefer Joomla platform, but you might want to see their templates to get more idea for you website,

Gavick Template
Joomla XTC

Most of them available for Wordpress, you can browser to get some fresh idea for your website

webcreme is great for cutting edge design

cssmania & cssbeauty are great

but also pinterest - lots of users are pinning website designs