Inspiration to make a site


can some one please recommmend me websites that i can get ideas/inspiration on how to build a site and also websites thats are good for code and snippets
thank you all

The simplest thing to do here is to search Google Images for website designs or website design inspiration. If you want to make it relevant to your niche, be specific about it (e.g. sport website designs, food website designs, business website designs, inter alia). Or you can try looking at web templates/layouts of versatile blogs like WordPress for example.

Just type “web design” in Google and search image you can find several website design templates and choose according you requirements.

Yeah ok but inspiration for what? what is your subject / business and your goal? you can definitely get inspired by SitePoint as well (but can you make a huge website like this?)…have a clear definition of what do you want to do and then start looking…or else you’ll keep looking only.


Sofomor has a good point. There are lots of development forums and blogs that have tutorials that contain snippets however cramming together a bunch of code won’t necessarily make something nice. You should first decide what it is you are trying to make and then look for ways to make it online.

If you just want to surf a website that has lots of examples, tutorialzine is pretty good,



i’d recommend looking at CSS galleries for inspiration. a lot of great designs and inspiration out there