How to find inspiration and creative ideas

Hi Creative people

I need some advice on how to find inspirations especially during the times when I can’t seem to think creative, as though I feel that I’m a hopeless web designer.

And secondly, how and where do you find material for creations (web, advetising etc) ? Do I need to draw things, google it… ?

Thanx peeps


Inspiration can be found anywhere and any time. You may find a brilliant idea even looking at the window… Ok, just surf your Internet every day…

I’m a sucker for those CSS Galleries (nothing beat seeing other peoples work), there’s thousands of them out there but my three favourites are:

I look to the experts for ideas in places such as Smashing Magazine and [URL=“”]Web Credible. I also love "[URL=“”]Web Pages that Suck" to show me what NOT to do.

I generally start with the template sites and have a few bookmarks of good designers. Next step I’d google what ever the topic for my client was and see what similar sites are doing.

Even magazines or print can help in a way

I do the same as Shyflower with the additions of CSS galleries such as CSSMania to gain futher inspiration.


bookmarked :smiley:

Vandelay Design is a good place for inspiration.