Find Affiliates?

I own and I’m considering setting up an affiliate program whereby people who refer converting traffic to my site get a commission.

I have found the software I plan to use but before I purchase I was wondering if anyone knows of ways to find the affiliates to work with?

I don’t want to go to the expense of setting it up only to realise that I can’t find affiliates.


why dont u join with clickbank or rapbank

You can advertise in Nifty Stats for example. I’m using their free software to track stats at affiliate programs and they always show some great affiliate programs in the header.

could u please share with us what software you will be using

I’m working with afiiliate and this is a good solution.
And the new solution i found is, somebody know about it ?

ClickBank is a really easy way as suggested before.

Sign up for a vendor account in ClickBank and have other webmasters promote for you.

Yeah clickbank is probably your best bet and it’s a good choice too.

Does clickbank work for non digital products? I thought it was just for ebooks etc. Can clickbank be used for lead generation?

I just checked out clickbank and they focus only on digital products from what they tell you on the site.

There is a great deal of work involved in finding and managing your own affiliates. I would not buy the software if I were you and join an affiliate network as an advertiser.

There is a list of these in this forum. Some are very expensive and difficult to join. You have to generate over 1 million in yearly sales to join some but others are affordable such as shareasale.

When you join you will have access to thousands of affiliates and you will be able to track sales using the tracking code they give you.

There are many networks out there so get in touch with as many as you can.

Hope this helps.

You can probably use Clickbank, CJ, and other affiliate marketing ad sites. The more you promote, the more result you can get. Hope this help. :slight_smile: