Please suggest me a good affiliate program

I am looking a good mainstream affiliate program in any niche and i heard something about weight loss niche that it is good one and best converting but still i want to get few more recommendations about it…

So please suggest me a nice and best converting affiliate program in the mainstream niche, thanks :slight_smile:

Sell web traffic!!!
Every website need more traffic. :slight_smile:
Get 20% commission for every sale.

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Fashion, Food and Fun, these are three areas which always have edge over others. Weight loss is common problem is most of the people, however for many its less of physiological problem and more of looking slim and sexy thing. Of course its one of the good affiliate niche. Go for it, Good Luck.
Thanks Dev

and would you recommend me which affiliate program should i join, i mean there are many big affiliate networks like cj, azoogle etc etc so what would you recommend me?


Have you tried out the big affiliate programs? I think the best converting program for some may not work for others… The best way to find out is to try out the offers yourself.

All the best in finding your highest converting program.

Amazon, Commission Junction and Google Affiliate Network are great affiliate networks you should join

go to commission junction and signup then find aff. programs that are related to your website subject and apply to them.

yeah i know about these affiliates but i am just asking which affiliate program is the best in mainstream category, which gives around $100 per sale with a good conversion :slight_smile:

If you have Good List then try ClickBank

you are using clickbank?

do they have any $100 per sale program?

If you are looking for health niche I recommend moreniche. Neverblueads is also good to some extent. PM me if you need more details or help with promotion

There are many networks you can join like clickbank,amazon,commission junction,shareasale,moreniche,google affiliate program etc.

Get involved in the mobile revolution. It will be one of the few that reaches the trillion dollar mark. Android is currently a hot topic.

I think CJ so good for you. vote one for CJ :X

commission junction is best choice for affiliate program

You can go search on offervault, to see who has the best payout and such for the campaign you wanna run.

travel affiliate program are paying healthy amount to their affiliate users. There are lot of affiliate providers. For USA linkshare will be a good one and in India dgm is having lot of affiliate program but on indian affiliate you can not trust 100 % as they can miss the lead you have given to them. :slight_smile: has a great Affiliate program. They sell software that “automates” twitter. also has a great Affiliate program. This one automates YouTube.

I would suggest the hosting area. Lot’s of big commissions there ( up to 150$ per sale ).

Did you mean host and post programs?