Where can I advetise my web development service except for sitepoint maketplace?

I spent some money on advertising my flash and web development service on sitepoint maketplace,but I just get one 150USD project,because I am a freelance developer,this income can’t support my basic living,except for sitepoint maketplace,do you know where can I advertise my service?I hope the price the affordble.

Hey Tiger; Start Small to become a major, Promote your services cheap, and build clients trust .
Internet Marketing Forums Always have a section for hiring designers, register and post your qualifications .

Good luck

You could bid on related projects on sites like Scriptlance and Freelancer .

They might provde the same type of service but scriptlance head office is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and elance is based in Mountain View, California, USA

Seems strange that the same company (as you suggest) would have different HQ’s in different countries. However, I’ll bow to your apparent better knowledge.

In my county,few people need websites,it is not one developed district of China.

Thanks for your suggestions,I think it is very helpful for me,but I think I can do the flash banner by myself(because I am a flash designer myself),then buy one ad space from one good website,Do you know where can I but the ad space,on China,people buy ads on alimam,many webmaster sell their website’s ad space on there,do you know where UAS and AU people can buy and sell ad space?

I will adjust my rate to 7USD/hour to get some clients,then making the client know my skills through the small projects.thanks for your advice.

in fact,scriptlance is as same as elance.

Sorry for my English,my meaning is they provide same sevice,and price is low too.

try scriptlance (add a com at the end). You are really bidding against lots of others in this market though. Sorry to be the bearer of harsh news but you will struggle

I didn’t say elance. I said SCRIPTLANCE

I meant total 150USD for the last 3 months

I saw there are some traffic advertisments on sitepoint,their ads say they can bring traffic for my website,are they effective?

In fact,I am a long term member of Elance,it is really hard to bid on there,very hard,the price is too low.if you bid one price,it must be someone bid one lower price

The best way to get work is talking to real people around your area. Invest a good $10 or so on some business cards (probably get 500 or so)… and hand them out! Make contacts!

Every person who needs design work can easily find a vast selection to work with. Making yours stand out is always the hardest, but I think it really comes down to who you know.

i would pay a marketing company who can get creatives done to do a few basic IAB sized creatives for you, that have flash and really stand out, then i would go to an adnetwork, or go to someone smaller like adbrite and buy your self some space, make sure you go for website technology, and web design related sites and blogs, so you get a better conversion. Thats the thing to do.