Looking for Freelance Web Design Work?

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You say this is a review, yet you just state the purposes of each site?

guru.com (creativemoonlighters.com) is NOT a job site! It’s the same as elance.com - a freelance-work exchange node. And elance - the mother of all freelance network - shd hv been the first item here!

elance charges an arm and leg

I refuse to sign up with any work bid sites that expect you to pay for the opportunity to bid at jobs before you even get paid.

I will, however, work with an organization that allows me to make a few bids, earn some money, and use that to upgrade my account.

i really like CMSLance they can be found at http://www.cmslance.com they seem to offer the lowest rates to freelancers and webmasters.

> I refuse to sign up with any work bid sites
> that expect you to pay for the opportunity
> to bid at jobs before you even get paid.

Totally agree.
Let me introduce my choice: RentACoder.com
No needs to pay subscription.
I have 400+ projects done for today.

I dont like the ones that charge monthly or a percentage. Personally I like flatratefreelancers.com, I posted on freelance BBS and have never gotten any result from that. Scriptlance wants a percentage of what I make, dont like that much. And I have never used one of the pay menthly programs, thats just too much, I would have to complete at least one project a month just to pay subscription.

I was a member of elance,and I will rejoin it(because it is very hard to find a freelance work on the forums like sitepoint or by other ways),I planed to look a steady outsoucing partner from US or other countries,but I don’t know how to find one,so I have to rejoin it and look for projects at there,though the fee is expensive and the competition is violent

Dfeng, it’s not hard to find work here. Just join in the conversations, get to know people, enter competitions. If people see and like what you do, work will come in.

thanks for your encouragement,maybe it needs some time,I can have a try

maybe it is a good website for freelancers,but the the falling snowflake makes it looks not professional

check out www.expertlance.com new freelance site and no percentage fees, just a flate rate fee on accepted projects.

one more website http://www.rentacoder.com

This kinda frightens me. I went to createandshare.com and it’s not all that impressive. Are you sure the author is an authority on webdesign?

Hope it’s OK to bump this thread. I wanted to add to it because I use a few websites that haven’t been mentioned and that are free.

I’m a UK based designer and I get plenty of work from sites like freelancenation.net, freelaners.net and freelanceuk.com.

Again they are UK only but might help someone.

I agre with Moe. I checked out createandshare.com, and it is definitely not impressive. However, the article does have some merit.

Another freelancing website worth checking out is also http://www.it-globalized.com

there’s also a new site out there, looks promising, http://www.freelancewar.com, not to many people on there yet, but I’m sure in the next few months there will be lots.


You can also find freelance work freelance work at www.ICanfreelance.com Getafreelancer.com and