How to land freelance-jobs?


I have recently started freelancing as a webdesigner. I have landed some jobs, but not enough. Anyone out there have any tips for a fresh freelancer? How to get jobs? How and where to advertise your services etc? The few jobs i have landed/done so far is from being featured on some css-galleries.

Is there any good site for advertising yourself and finding jobs? Like a meetingplace for webdesigners/developers?

My site: <snip>link deleted</snip>


Hi ya,
What used to be called the SitePoint marketplace and is now a part of Flippa is a great place to advertise for this kind of thing.
You’ll find that here.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks, will check it out=)

Have you ever heard of Craiglist, there are a lot of freelance work on that site.

There are also sites like, and others (tho its quite hard to get a project there for new freelancers)

Hmm a day after i created this thread i got a honorable-mention at and since then I have gotten loads of freelance-work and one offer for a full-time job as a frontend-dev/webdesigner.

Yh, im happy:P

I joined freelancer but it seems like everyone wants you to do stuff for almost nothing in return… ecommerce wordpress site for 400USD as an example.

you should try backpage or craigslist

guys i am facing difficulties in getting project from freelancer . tell me what to do

If you mean, let me tell you that everybody has problems getting projects from there and from similar sites.

The only thing that you can do is to phrase your proposals better, stick around and offer competitive prices

I can suggest three ways to reach clients.

  1. Join freelance websites like Elance. Odesk etc.
    2 Create your own blog or website and offer your services to visitors.
  2. Participate in design contestson sits like 99designs

There are a lot of freelancing sites online like odesk, freelancer, elance, and etc. First of all you need to Promote yourself and what skills are you familiar with! It’s not really an easy thing on finding freelance job’s because of the tight competition, You must really work hard on getting one! best of luck…