Why my price is very low,I still can't get enough job,how do I advertise my service

I did one advertisement on sitepoint one month ago,


but it still has no anyone contact me for business,whether my advertisment is not attractive for my potential clients?do you think how do I improve it.


Well Tiger any portfolios? You should participate in the forums and help answer some web developments questions. Everyone wants to make money but it’s only you are helping someone in the forum then you will make money…

Since the members will know you better

Wow, Tiger, that is some d a m n good work.

The fish at the below site is very unique.

I was playing with that thing for a few minutes. :smiley:


I don’t know yet, but I might contact you for some work.

I’m a marketing/advertising consultant, TheList.FM/Advertising, so maybe I can give you a few things to think about.

First off, just seeing your work is good enough for me, but for some people, they want to know that you have decent writing skills.

Your ad should not have any grammar errors.

Example, in your title, you have “afforable.” It is spelled wrong. It is affordable.

Whoever accepted your ad without telling you about it should be slapped. :rolleyes:

But I think your main problem is is that Market Place you put the ad in. How many actually go there for such a service? I bet not many.

You also have to put your ad(s) in sites where there is little to no competition, and, not in with a whole bunch of other links, like, Market Place. You have to stand alone, so you will be seen better.

I think that is your two problems right there.

You do good work, so do not give up on advertising. That is, if you are thinking about it.

Not money, the lower the more people who buy your products, the benefits should say so there are different places where your product

It takes hard work and persistence to build a steady clientele. You should not only be active in forums like this, but get active in every forum your target market can be found.

Get involved, get listed in their marketplaces, set-up profiles on every freelance site, compete in contests so people “see you” etc. etc…just be EVERYWHERE.

Here is another idea for you…Create free flash templates and give them away from your website. Constantly add new templates to this resource and promote the free templates. This will create links and if you’re templates are awesome, you will start to see the power of word of mouth begin. It will only be a matter of time before you start receiving requests to have those free templates customized and also start receiving requests for 100% custom work.

One other note to make… design some templates and sell them. There are many webmasters looking for exclusive rights to already designed templates. Who knows, you might even land a customer who regularly purchases and requests new template designs from you.

Lastly, don’t forget to build that post count up by getting active here on SP and add your signature.

Yeah good startegies, I always use this strategies all the time and of course make money out of it…

Don’t ya just love posters who ask for help, and they don’t even bother to reply back?


Because I have many words to say,I am thinking how to reply them:)

One way to find work is to scan Craigs list for job postings. There are a few readers out there that allow you to view all listings by category. That’s how I originally got started and it worked well for me.

This is a good idea,let me try it,and it can practise my English.

Thanks for giving me so many suggestions,I had fixed the error,I feel one of my problem is my age,If I have good PHP code skill and good flash AS3.0 skills,I think I can get more jobs,but I feel I am a bit hating the code,I has been 36 years,I don’t know whether anyone as old as me still research the code,I feel it is hard for me to learn new code,I think I have to face it and overcome it,and my another problem is my English,my native language is Chinese, some people want Spoken English is good,I have 6 years experience for serving overseas clients,though I know comunication havn’t been a problem,but some clients needs programmer’s native language is English,I think it is one problem I have to face.

I hope I can go to USA or other developed contries to see their living,I don’t want to live on there,I am too old to live or study on there,I just want to know how do they creat wealth,what education did they get when they were growing up.how do they face the difficulty and resolve it.why do they have more confidence when they face the business.

Your words are right,maybe hard work is the only way to success.

I’m in the same boat Tibetan_Tiger - I’m currently struggling to find clients. However, I’m getting there and have received a few more jobs recently. Those jobs will hopefully lead to more and perhaps that’ll start the snowball running. Just keep working hard at it. Really hard at it.

Your English is fine. People do not care so much about the language you speak, rather how well you can do with flashplayer.

Thanks for so many replies,I thought about this problem again, I think the biggest reason of shorting of projects is I just do flash works,sometimes.someon saw my ads on marketplace of sitepoint,they contacted me,most of them are in need of php programmer,the last 2 months,I spend all my time on PHP,and do one wordpress project,so I can do wordpress and joomla jobs now,I think I get clients in the not far future.