Where are my e-books?

Hello all - I purchased the three books from sitepoint using a credit card this morning, the three books they’ve discounted for the Queensland relieve fund. The time of purchase was exactly 9:45 am. I immediately got a sales receipt in my email and eagerly tried to log into the area where I could claim my e-books. I kept getting this error:

"Log in error:

The email address and order number you submitted did not correspond with a customer who has purchased a downloadable PDF. Please check your email receipt and enter your email address and order number exactly as they appear on the receipt."

I sent two messages to the customer service unit and I was assured I’d receive a reply in one business day. I’ve gotten two automated messages that told me my concerns were received but there has been no real answer up to now. It’s 5pm, I want to go home, and my boss is eagerly awaiting these documents. I’m likely to encounter problems with him since he did pay for them :frowning:

Please, anyone, do you by any chance happen to know what I’m doing wrong? Is there some sort of strange detail that I’m constantly overlooking? I’m feeling not just robbed but abandoned at this point and I’m beginning to panic a bit. The forums is the only place I can come to right now, hoping for a reply because clearly the customer service doesn’t live up to its word. I’m now afraid to purchase anything from this site again. How it’s maintained a high rating of sales I’m not sure, am I just THAT unlucky?

Is there anyone who can assist? Please?

-A Very Frustrated, Disappointed Customer

Hi CrystalT, I’m sorry that you haven’t received your eBooks and we have escalated this up to HQ.
I hope that they will get back to you as soon as possible and get this sorted out for you.

Cheers and welcome to SitePoint


I can help. :slight_smile:
PM me your order number and I’ll sort it out for you.

Please bear in mind that our customer service staff work in Australia so our one business day may differ for yours as a result of the time difference.

Actually, never mind! I just logged in this morning and the order was processed. It finally came through, thank goodness. Is this sort of delay after paying via credit card normal? I want to know so I can explain this to my boss when we make more purchases today.



Thank you, both of you for being so kind to follow my concern. I live in GMT -4 so the time you’ve posted this I’ve been sleeping. I’ve not realized the folks were working from Australia, I reckon this is why I totally missed out on communicating with them :x Forgive me for the impatience. :[ Thank you HAWK for your help, I will be PM’ing you my order number right away. Hopefully this will be rectified with little to no problems, haha.

Best wishes

Hey Crystal,
No, delays with credit card payments are not the norm.
There are two reasons why it may have happened.
You may have tripped a fraud trigger (which is VERY sensitive) that was then manually sense checked and released by our customer service team OR if you placed two orders in quick succession then our system will have put the second one on hold for manual checking in case it was an accidental duplicate.

If you experience a delay again then feel free to PM me. Orders should go through immediately.

Thank you HAWK. I want to buy a few more books and e-books today so I’m hoping that there will be no problems. We’ll keep in touch and I’ll let you know how it goes. (:


Just ordered three books again with their pdf counterparts, yikes! Same problem I guess. Since I purchased something yesterday I get access to those pdf’s but not the newest ones (Sexy web design, photography for the web and stunning html email). I guess I have to PM you, hawk! D: