Logging into account

Hi there
Could someone tell me how to retrieve the information for a purchase I made. I was sent a link for downloading the pdf file but not for the online course that I bought with it. I don;t seem to have any confirmation emails from Sitepoint about my purchases though has a receipts in Paypal. I imagine there is an account for me to log into?
Many thanks

You probably want to contact SitePoint directly for a faster response.

Well I have been waiting for a response from them to several emails for the last week. I won’t buy from them again for sure.

Considering you say you didn’t get the order receipt mails (from them, not PayPal) either, maybe they did respond but everything is hitting a spam filter/folder? Just something to check.

No I checked that. I have no receipts from them for any of my purchases - just have Paypal acknowledgement of payment to them. I just want to know how to log into my account with them to view my purchases etc.

I know there’s an order tracking page, but the order number you have to type in there comes from the email receipt (from SitePoint). If you are not getting the mails from them they may not be able to respond to your e-mail…

Good luck, anyway. I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to get in touch.

Hi Alison,
I have checked the support email queue and there is nothing there, so I am assuming that for some reason your emails aren’t reaching us…

Is it books@sitepoint.com that you have been emailing? Please resend your email and cc me in on hawk@sitepoint.com and I’ll make sure someone helps you asap.