Sitepoint Book Order?

I ordered a book on Dec 23 2009 and have not received my order. The order tracker online does not work and no one is responding to my emails at and I did see that someone else got help from posting here in the forum.

I’ve had the same issue. I got a response saying basically they had no idea if it shipped or not. All follow up emails have been ignored. There was nothing indicating the product I ordered was being reprinted or otherwise backordered. My credit card was charged immediately. Hopefully Sitepoint will provide an update soon on what’s going on with all these holiday orders.

Be patient all, I bought a book during the 24 (or was it 25) days of deals. Seems like they had so much success there is a back log. I just got my order shipped email today.

I think a little communcation with their customers would go a long way. It doesn’t take that long to send an email. Maybe they should research and write a good customer service book. :lol:

I received my “order has shipped email” Thanks again Raena for all your help. :slight_smile: