Book order?


I figure since my 5 emails went unanswered I would try here.

I ordered a book Dec 16th and have yet to receive it. I went online to track my order only to have it say

"Unfortunately we are not currently able to look up your order’s shipping status. If your order should have arrived already, please contact customer support for more information. "

As mentioned above I have emailed several times but got no reply.

Could someone here help or point me in the right direction?

Thank you


omg, that must be pretty frustrating. the only thing i would do is try to email admin again and put in the subject line URGENT!

It is, but I understand the holidays and all but getting no reply is what’s getting to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah, i definately agree with you…holidays or not, somone should be there to reply back to you. what book did you order?

Mark, can you PM me your order number? I’ll see what’s happening with it.

We have experienced some delays with shipment, and of course the holiday season is the worst time for this to happen :frowning:

Thanks raena, messege sent.

Well I’m happy for you all there is a delay, means business was good ha ha

They must have been dispatching a load of orders today. Mine has been dispatched today. With the orders that are sent out by PB IPA, once they reach the UK, are they delivered by Royal Mail?

Hope so because I still cannot track my order :frowning:

Why does it say “no tracking information” available when I click the tracking link?

Tracking information for some orders may take as long as 48 hours to appear in UPS or USPS system. Please check again later.

Have you had an email confirming dispatch of your order?

No, just my SitePoint Order Receipt (Dec 16th)

HA!! I guess thats why i’m not able to track it, now i guess I’ll be waiting even longer now knowing its not in transit :frowning:

Way to go ruin my day ha ha j/k

Was your order one of the special offers from before xmas? My guess is that part of your order is out of stock and so is being back ordered.

Yes it was, who thought the deals were going ot be so great :slight_smile:

HUGE thanks to raena though, raena is helping me by contacting someone there on my behalf :slight_smile:

And thank you all who commented here and kept me sane lol

Your not alone I’m waiting on my order from Dec 23. No responce to support email as well. I opened my own thread. :confused:

Mark, PM Raena as well.

I was about to say to Spike I did PM Raena but realized there is another Mark here.

I’m thinking they dont like us Marks :stuck_out_tongue: lol

But ya Mark5022 pm Raena, I got excellent support and my questions answered :slight_smile:

Could be :lol:

Notes about shipments in general:

Many orders from December have been delayed. Partly this is due to slow deliveries that always happen around the holidays, and obviously there were lots of orders to get through.

If you ordered anything requiring a reprint on December 23rd (the “every deal back on the table” day), you should have been told about it on the sale page. I’ll ask for a list of what’s currently in reprint.

In general, shipping times and rates are listed here. Note that ‘business days’ means Monday to Friday, and we also lost quite a few business days among the holidays. If you are outside the US or Canada you should receive your items via your local postal service, so they may have an idea of where your package might be.

Please keep being patient, especially if your order was later in December. :slight_smile:

I received my “order has shipped email” Thanks again Raena for all your help. I’m sure when you applied for your job you didn’t know it included order tracking. :wink:

I’m glad I decided to check this forum to see if anyone else was having delivery issues because over the past couple of weeks my previous OUTSTANDING impression of all things sitepoint has slightly been tarnished.

I placed my order on December 15th, and my credit card was promptly charged, but by the first week in January I started to become a little concerned by the fact that the goods had not arrived.

Checked the website and discovered that orders to the states could take a little extra time so I decided to give it another week before taking any further steps.

After this extra week of waiting I paid another visit to the support site and received the old “Unfortunately we are not currently able to look up your order’s shipping status” response.

Yet another week has come and gone and sitepoint is still giving me the “we are not currently able to look up your order’s shipping status” response. In addition to this I have not received a response to my questions that were submitted via the support tool.

I know, the holidays are a busy time and that $89 is not going to send me to the poor house, but I am becoming more than just a little frustrated over this.

You should pm Raena your order nbr and your details. There’s little she can do with no information.

I suspect that they run out of stock and that takes more time. I happen to know that my 4th edition of “Building database-driven websites with PHP, 4th edition” will not be delivered till the end of January for this very same reason… it run out of stock at some point in December.