When should i move from wordpress hosted to self hosted

I got a blog <snip> and i got about 200 visitors a day at the moment as well as i opened the blog about 15 days ago. I like the speed it loads when it’s hosted by wordpress and i am not sure i got enough visitors to make money yet. So when should i move to self hosted?


There’s really no good reason to host your own server.

  1. Residential internet service explicitly denies hosting your own server(s) through agreement terms and/or port blocking.
  2. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a server, apply updates, troubleshoot, and monitor for infections/malware.
  3. Data centers are climate controlled, on battery backups, have multiple internet service pipelines, and have nightly backups. You can’t really do all that from a residential location without spending a significant amount of money.

Let the hosting provider worry about all that for you–it’s what you pay them for. Then all you have to worry about is the content on your website.

I don’t think that is what was being asked.

My interpretation of the question is that the OP is asking when to move from wordpress.com to their own domain and the code from wordpress.org.

Obviously the first step would be to shared hosting. This would need to occur as soon as you want to use a there or plugin not provided on wordpress.com or when you want to start displaying your own advertising to try to make money.

Now that I re-read it, you’re probably right. It wasn’t clear to me the first time through without seeing the website address.

200 visitors/day is pretty good for a new blog. Well done!

Regarding if it is enough to make some money from them I would say “it depends”. If you’re thinking about ads and publicity, you’ll need a much higher number of visitors to make profit although you’ll probably make a few dollars if you keep your traffic. Now, if you’re selling a product or service, then it is different and you should have been doing that from day one :slight_smile:

Regarding if you should go self-hosted or not then, again, it depends on your goals and what you want. If your plan is only to make some cash out of publicity, then I’d say get your own domain but leave it in wordpress.com. Sure, you’ll always benefit of your own hosting but in the bigger picture, that’s not that important. Your content will be.

Now, if you want to use some plug-ins or themes that you wouldn’t be able to use if hosted in wordpress.com or, even more important, you plan to expand your business and add other features (from forums to shopping carts to anything you can think of), then yes, the sooner you have your own domain and hosting service, the better.

Moving a domain from one server to other normally causes drops in the number of visitors so it is better to suffer it when you’re starting than when you’re established

Hello, I think that the best idea is to start with an economy hosted package and your own domain than a wordpress site as the price is so low if you take a look around. Then, when you’ll need it you can upgrade the package with no important changes in your web!