Do also provide hosting?

Hi everyone,

While creating a free blog on They suggested me TLD for $18/ year. Do they host blogs if yes how good they are
I tried to search more but couldn’t get more.

Please share your experience here.

Here are the details on everything they offer:

Personally, I would register a domain with a 3rd-party, then import it as needed. By registering with a 3rd-party (such as, you will ensure ownership of your domain if you ever decide to move away from the hosted service. provides hosting but only for Wordpress only sites with a limited range of themes and plugins.

yes but it only work for wp if some time u want to host any thing u can’t

Thanks everyone to share details I also come to know that we can’t use wordpress to monetize blog. Is it true?

If you host on there are limitations on generating ad revenue. If you have a host outside then you can monetize it within legal means. allows hosting only wordpress websites. either you can register domain from other registrar and host with Wordpress or you can register and host your domain with