Is it possible to renew my expired domain?

Hi all, I’ve a domain from godaddy and it has expired. Now I want to renew this domain. Any know is it possible to renew. Because I’d contact to godaddy and the said not possible but i want to renew my domain. Anyone can help me?

Perhaps you could wait for some time until your domain is available again. You can verify its availability on for instance.
Good luck, I hope nobody’s taking it meantime. :slight_smile:

So when did the domain expire if it was recently like weeks you have a good chance i think its 30 days after it expiring you have 1st priority then you loose that option after that time duration.

Once the domain is deleted from the Registry, only then you can get it re-register. In the mean time, never search your domain with any registrar or domain reseller because many times when the see the search, they block that domain and then sell them at higher costs, so better not to tell the name to anyone or to any site. It is mostly safe to search the domain after 60 days of its expiry. As your domain was with GoDaddy, there is remote chance that you will get it back from them even after 90 days. They mostly block even deleted domains and whois will show you that domain is not available.

Good luck

Thanks for the info. But if godaddy will block the domain then how could I get back it?

It is nearly impossible to get back domain from GoDaddy,, 1-to-1 and few others. Please wait patiently without pocking GoDaddy. When they will see that no one is searching that domain, it might be unblocked by them … I guess you have to wait minimum 100 days for safe recovery from Godaddy. They are terrible.

Thanks for your suggestion. But I think that if I try to search my domain or check it where available or not then they will unblock it or not?

That domain name can be backordered at much higher fee then the fee for domain name registration.
So far some registrars might tasting such domain names and that is difficult to say if that domain name will be available for the registration again or not…

This is one reason I love Namecheap. They allow us to renew expired domains up to a month past the expiration and it’s just the regular registration rate. I’ve had other registrars send email the day after expiration offering it back to me for over $200.

Really like the way the design looks now. Much easier to navigate and drill down to the products and their pdf details.

Expired domain is NOT possible to be renewed if your domain was registered with GoDaddy. I have the experience too where the domain was expired on that day and I was not allowed to renew already. GoDaddy is very strict on domain expiry date. Now, my domain has been taken by other people.

Sad to hear you encountered the issue as mine. You will have to wait 45-60 days until your domain is released. However, it depends whether GoDaddy willing to release. You have to check the domain status from time to time. Good Luck to you.

The domain can be renewed within 60 days after the expiry date.

If you really need that domain name I advise you to backorder it although you’ll be charged some amount of money as a fee for using this service.

Once your domain is dropped from registry, it’ll be available to be reordered, but as a new registration, not renewal.

i think its possible to renew domain expired on godaddy, the best solution to find is to contact them by telephone and ask them but since you already said you can’t renew it then please provide more information why you are unable and who has taken the expire domain ?

Usually a domain name expired more than one month , you will unable to renew back and around 42 days later may open to public.
If godaddy did not allow you to renew then you have no other choice. Only godaddy able to help you now.

It happened to me. I contacted the registrar with one domain that I like and told I want to register it. Told them that when I accessed the domain name in the browser it says the domain has expired but when I search in domain registrar it says domain is not available. After a day it is live again and they never sent a reply.

I thought I’m being respectful and fair.

Only way to get back your domain name is you will have to back-order your domain name. Only this is the way to get your domain name back if its expired.

only when it gets past redemption period.

I was having the same issue with one of our domain name , It was expired and namecheap charged us $200 as redemption fees. :frowning: