Whats the difference?

Tell me please…

What the difference between internet marketing from SEO? I think they’re similar to each other. They evolved around web market, however i want you guys to clarify these things.


Stephen hit the nail on the head there. Anymore, SEO is really tied in with all the other efforts that go into Internet Marketing. For example, if you’re purchasing advertising on a website (i.e. banners, textlinks, newsletter inclusion), you need to keep your backlinking efforts in mind and make sure you’re using the appropriate keywords in your backlinks and sales copy. Furthermore, feedback (i.e. conversion rate, bounce rate, etc) from your PPC and Media Buying campaigns can provide some great direction for your SEO efforts. So, try to look at it from a holistic perspective.

Thanks a lot for the elaboration, I am now gaining another idea.

What is the difference between cars and toyota Corollas?

The answer to both questions is the same - the second mentioned is a specific instance of the first.

There are many other methods of internet marketing other than SEO. SEO is one of the many internet marketing methods in the same way a Toyota Corolla is a specific type of car.

Yes I do agree, they have a lot of IP address to catered more reliable search results. I just discovered this one last 3 months that they have a lot of IP address from their Data Centers.

Google have dozens of different servers and not all of them are updated at the same time. I remember seeing a web page once that displays the same search results from 17 different (specific) Google servers so you can see both the places where your page currently appears in the results at the same time.

As a additional information I also learned that there is a so-called GOOGLE DANCE and it states that:

“The name “Google Dance” is often used to describe the index update of the Google search engine. Google’s index update occurs on average once per month. It can be identified by significant movement in search results and especially by Google’s cache of all indexed pages reflecting the status of Google’s last spidering. But the update does not proceed as a switch from one index to another at one point in time. In fact, it takes several days to complete the index update. During this period, the old and the new index alternate on www.google.com. At an early stage, the results from the new index occur sporadically. But later on, they appear more frequently. Google dances.”

This pretty cool stuff, I just realized that even search engine learn how to dance. LOL

Nice idea, thank you guys.