Difference between Amazon SEO and Google SEO


I have used Google SEO for website ranking. And now I am planning to sell my products on Amazon. Does Google and Amazon SEO are similar or there any differences?

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Amazon is not a search engine, so there is no such thing as Amazon SEO.

And Google is not the only player in the Search Engine market. Granted, they are by far the biggest, but not the only one.

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Amazon SEO focuses on different factors when compared to Google SEO. Amazon focuses on both conversions and CTR, while Google SEO focuses on CTR. Google SEO is easy compare to amazon SEO. We know the very well about the AWS(Amazon web service). If you are work on the google SEO, So you can rank the your website on the Google. And used the amazon SEO then, rank on world wild search engines.

@thomasalexander896 and @shivtoseo what exactly is “Amazon SEO”? How would you define it?

Since the OP has not deemed it necessary to return to this thread, and the replies being given are dubious at best (one is a straight copy/paste from another site) as there’s no justification for ANYTHING being said here, I think this thread has run it’s course.

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