What is difference between Seo and PPC

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First of all, I am introducing myself. I am a new in Seo.
I want to know that What is difference between Seo and ppc
plz tell me how to learn seo . Please reply fast.

Thanks in advance!

What is that meaning please reply fast??? So that you’ll understand it soon? LOL. We’ll just say what is what but it really take much time for you to analyze what is SEO and PPC. You need to learn a lot. When i was new to SEO 2 years back my 1st question on one forum was only this? Happy to see that from a newbie now.

My reply to your question in simple words
PPC - Where google make many from us
SEO - Where we make money from Google

Do a lot of surfing in SP. Search you’ll get may posts from SP related to PPC and SEO.

PPC is one-time investment in bringing relevant traffic to your website. SEO is a long-term oriented work that has better ranking in SE as a goal. SEO aims at organic search improvements and is rather a promotion strategy than anything else, while PPC is basically advertising (and expensive one).

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That’s a bit like asking what the difference is between toast and purple :rolleyes:

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation. That means doing things to make your pages appear as near to the top in search results as you can.

PPC = Pay Per Click. The usual method of advertising, where you buy advert space on other people’s websites (often through Google Ads or other third party services), and you only pay for every time someone clicks on the ad.

plz tell me how to learn seo.

Go back to the SEO Forum and read the orange ‘sticky’ threads at the top. That will tell you pretty much all you need to know about SEO and plenty more.

That’s easy, you can’t spread marmite on purple.

PPC is paid advertising.
SEO is trying to get a better search engine ranking without paying the search engine to display your link as an ad.

SEO is basically the process of configuring your website in order to gain visibility in the search engines through organic (natural) searches by web users.

Including your keywords in your titles and Keywords in your content (not too many)… etc.

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, is where you pay for advertising space. See below to see how your website would appear if you used PPC:

If we do some SEO work in a website will be listed in natural search engine results. But PPC the search engine result will be listed in sponsored search engine. If we do PPC a fee is charged for every click of each link.