Whats the big benefit of geo tagging

Hi from quaint & folksy Wetherby Town UK…

Ok so Geo tagging is easy to apply http://www.geo-tag.de/generator/en.html but whats the big benefit? & can any sitepoint guest show me a site that has Geo Tagging and what visible benefits it holds. I mean does a flashing compass or something appear in the serps?

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

I think you’re looking at this the wrong way round. The question isn’t: what benefits does geo-tagging bring; but, rather, do I have a problem that geo-tagging can solve? If you haven’t, why worry?

What’s more useful is, not geo tagging, but geo location, that is, identifying the location of your site visitors (with their permission). There’s a very good article here on Sitepoint (see Using the HTML5 Geolocation API) that suggests a number of applications for geo-location.


There was a recent thread about this. Apparently, Bing uses geo tags but Google does not, which may limit their usefulness.

I used a Geo Tag on a website for a client recently but I didn’t see any benefit to it (he asked for it specifically). These tags will probably work best on localised services that people are searching for in specific places?

Geotagging is more an organizational tool than anything else. It will allow you to see on a map the exact location where a photo was taken. It will also allow you to search for photos taken on or nearby a specific location.

Are we talking about geotagging or the geo meta tag? My understanding is that they are different things and there seem to be answers here that refer to different interpretations of the question.

Yes, I’d also like to know that.

Perhaps if Zygoma could tell us what he is tryign to achieve, we could advise on the best way to go about it.


Using the geo meta tag, is most important for those sites that are locally oriented. It is most important for mobile users e.g. smartphones. The easiest example is a driver with 5 miles of fuel left, looking on his Ipad for a garage in Wetherby.

Specifying the location can help your site appear in Local search results and on the Map displayed on Googles SERPs which can be beneficial for websites that are for local business like benbob mentioned.

It can also helps by telling search engines the exact location for example if Google parses a page and find a mention of Birmingham it has to work out if you mean Birmingham - UK or Birmingham - USA.

Also I don’t think Google uses the geo meta tag, for them id look into implementing the hCard microformat as this is supported under their Rich Snippets.