GEO tagging

Good Morning from wetherby UK…

I have a scenario where a large corporation has multiple local offices. Lets imagine its a KFC. Now KFC have lots of local branches. say one in York another in Edinburgh.

( GEO tags explained here - Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Region Tags in Google Search Results )

Now imagine on the KFC site there is two seperate web pages one for the Edinburgh Branch the other for the York Branch.

My question is please - “Can i ad different GEO tags for these two pages or are GEO tages limited to the index.html page and it is impossible to geo tag pages further down the hierachy”.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

As Unidin shared, it would probably be best to create an individual Google Places listing for each location.

You can also mark up the address on each page with microdata so Google can better understand location information.
Organizations - Webmaster Tools Help

Use Google Places is too good for local business… Its really worthy…

You may find this useful, especially with all of the recent comments about Google Places: Add and verify more than 10 listings - Google Places Help

Thanks again sitepoint members - great answers!