What's everyone been up to these days?

Since I’ve been gone from Sitepoint for a while now, I haven’t been able to catch up with a lot of things - or friends that I’ve met.

But, what has everyone been up to these days? Any new websites?

Me too was very busy and wasn’t able too visit here as quite as possible because I’m finishing another website. :slight_smile:

How many websites have you been developed?

Been busy in looking for new clients and referrals, but all in all everything’s good.

I’ve done nothing of note. :wink:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Let’s see, HAWK is now admin, we’ve had all sorts of crazy competitions you missed out on, there was a community podcast hosted by mizwizzy, Sitepoint’s won some awards the other day, there was an interesting Wikileaks debate, and ten minutes after you left Lionel Richie came in and did a go go dance dressed as a circus clown.

I think that was about it.


What awards did Sitepoint win?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m trying to remember if it was for the Sitepoint Podcast. I believe so.

And there was another one too.


It was the 2010 .net Magazine Awards.

We were nominated for Online Community of the Year but didn’t win.
We won Podcast of the Year.