What you do if the internet collapsed for 2 years?

Plz reply i so curious.

go fishing :slight_smile:

Find myself another job.

And what about you?

Work on getting another version of the internet up and running?

Simplified down, it’s just one big network.

A number of unemployed persons will come to see. All the mobiles will increase their calling charges, due to this. And a lots of other problems.

Catch up with my reading from real paper books.

Get an extra 2-3 hours a day added on to my life…

I reckon I’d lose that much time doing things ‘manually’. Like, ringing people up for information and looking things up in the phone-book.

I’d also be out of a job. Trying an online community of web developers is kinda reliant on the internet…

i will haz a cheezburgr lol

I’d continue what I always was doing just without the Internet, probably would be more helpful in the long run and I wouldn’t email but write letters. If I didn’t have a computer, I’d just draw way more then I do and probably read more books.

Umm, dunno.
Collapse for two years myself probably.
It’d take about that long to relearn how to live without it, and then it’d be back up and I’d inevitably make myself (too) dependent again.

When something collapses it will be longer then (2) years.

I will find some other job for me then.

Learn how to write a letter by hand :wink:

The online shopping will come to an end by this.

Think how to solve this problem

Read as many books as I can. :slight_smile:

Will be using my old type writer again to make my reports… and send them via snail mail… :confused:

I really wouldn’t mind all that much, it might even encourage some good habits. I’d probably start telephoning people more, or shock of shocks actually visiting them to say hello face-to-face! For longer distances, assuming the postal system survives, letters to friends and family would continue working well.

For work, I’d probably have to change job (I’m a software developer for a company writing internet filtering software…) and the logical choice, without hesitation, would be to go back to archaeology. No need to be online with that!

P.S. Why only two years, indefinitely would suit me just fine. :eye:

I’d read Dostoevsky day and night!