What do you do when the internet is down?

We’ve had a frustrating week, with our internet going down a couple of times – once for half a day! My bf and I both work from home and it’s crippling in this job when you have no internet. What do you do to make the best use of your time when you’re off the grid?

I fire up the phone, pair it to the desktop machine, and rejoin the grid. :smiley:

Seriously, though, a couple of weeks back the power company shut off the grid for a day while doing maintenance. So I spent that day on my parents’ large property, cutting up dead trees and other rubbish, and lit a huge bonfire. It really needed doing anyway, but it was good to have a day without broadband to force my hand. :slight_smile:

oh when internet is off will try to do some outdoor things like taking care of gardens…but cant do that for a whole day
but sure that’s a boring time without internet…

I tried to do the things that I normally don’t the time to do like reading and relaxing… also try to organise my job to do it better when internet comes, or do some extra cleaning or things like that.

It really depends on the mood. If I feel that I’m going over the walls, then cleaning and rearranging stuff… If I’m not in a rush or I feel that the world can wait… a good book is always a good option! :smiley:

Use my phone to go on the internet. Lol.

Japanese Horror flicks on DVD

Obviously quite arduous using with low net data speed. Almost everybody get frustrated out of who doing online job. I also have this problem past four days. Waiting with frustration for each site has to get open. Due to this my work speed getting low. Bad days…

Read a book

when my internet is down i am going to the cyber cafe.
it is very helpful to do your work on time.

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I am not bored when my internet connection goes to down, at this golden time I go for outing with my sons & my wife…

I cleaned my planted aquarium, changing water, trim my plants… that’s it…:smiley:

Its really very frustrating when the internet is not working…my work is totally on internet and its really boring day when the internet is not working…

Simply, I called the service provider and ask for the solution but if it doesn’t work, I register a complain to fix the internet and the same procedure will definitely works. And this is because the operator are afraid of losing their regular customer.
Thank You

I enjoy watching movies, cleaning my room and take a ride anywhere I go…then get back home to eat snacks.

I usually watch movies and listen songs when my internet gets down and sometime i create unique contents for my blog so i always try to productive my day and never waste it without internet