Mid-life crisis and starting a new online business

hi everyone. been a long time lurker and just dropped in today to seek some help from you all.

I am currently on a very highly paid job which gives me enough savings but no time to start an online business of my own. I think of myself as someone who has so much experience yet no time to quit job and become independent. ( i don’t want to quit my job till i have a solid backup to maintain my current lifestyle).

I have some solid plans and ideas yet no time to execute. Is there a way i can outsource all of that to someone/some company and manage the business with just a couple of hours everyday? has anyone done that ? for example, i plan to launch a content rich blog/website that can be monetized later for advertising, to give an idea.

any advice will be much appreciated.

They say you should work smarter, not harder :slight_smile:

What you ask is possible but it is rarely achieved and never before putting everything into the frying pan. That means that at least the first year or two you’ll be working as hard as you work in your current job, if not more because you have more to gain by being your own employee.

Definately, even if you were dedicating full time to this project, you should outsource the bits and pieces that you can’t do on your own (either because you don’t have the time to learn the complexities yourself or because your time will be better spent somewhere else)

You can start easy and then build up from them. So, let’s say, if you’re plan is to monetize from a blog, use a WordPress blog and start writing today and setup a schedule of writing an article per two weeks. Fill it up with content bit by bit. Start to advertise using Google or any other company. Once the blog is giving some cash, then you can think how you want to go on.

To be a blogger, you don’t have to leave your job. Now, if your well-studied and built business plan requires something else, you will have to decide if you believe in yourself and your plan to take the risk and dedicate your full attention to it

^ what she said!

As with any business it takes time and hard work to get going so if you can’t find the time with your current job you probably won’t match your current lifestyle, at least not for a while (if only life were that easy!).

There again it depends what you mean by “lifestyle”. If it’s just money then that’s totally the wrong approach, this sort of adventure is something you do because you love it, the pursuit of overall happiness and satisfaction is the key reason. I used to be in a well paid job like you and I gave that all up to be a freelance web developer. I don’t bring in anything like I used to but I now work when I want (more or less), and have a load more free time to pursue my interests. In fact the freedom that being your own boss gives you is worth it’s weight in gold :slight_smile:

So back to your plan. I’d suggest starting work using all your free time - evenings/weekends/whenever - to get the ball rolling, even if that involves late nights and cutting down on your sleep sometimes. Use your lunch breaks at work to do a few bits as well.