What would be a good CMS/scheduling calendar for a church website?

I’ve spent the last 2 years working with custom software and frameworks of my own, and I’d like to get a site up for my church but my knowledge of leading frameworks has deteriorated. I’ll be looking into Joomla and Drupal’s latest, but I’m at least 1 version number behind both of them since they where last updated.

The key functionality is a scheduling calendar. That’s where I think the website can help the parish the most in helping folks keep track of events. Calendar programs weren’t core to either joomla or drupal - so whichever one has the most flexiable scheduling program out there will most likely get my nod.

My main constraint as a programmer is time - I have one day a week I can spare for this. Difficulty isn’t a factor - the code I’m paid to maintain is far worse than anything I’ve ever seen in a public open source code base.

While I love wordpress, I haven’t yet used any calendar plugins for one, but there are plenty out there Advanced Calendar Plugins For WordPress

As someone who has done a number of church sites and who works in both Drupal and Wordpress I would highly recommend Wordpress as maintenance and long-term support will be much easier.

Go for WordPress. Here’s a WP plugin you might want totake a look at .

I think the features listed here are what you’re looking for.

With WordPress, you’re sure to get a plugin on anything. The same goes for Joomla. However, I have been observing a giant increase in paid extensions in the Joomla community unlike WordPress which is sad.