Which CMS to use?


I am building a website for someone using a content management system, so they can easily edit the content. They want a scheduling system so clients can book appointments.

What would be the best CMS to do this? What plugins would be best?

Thank you in advance.

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I love Drupal 8 but it has a large learning curve. Both from an end user and programming perspective.

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Wordpress!..it is so far the most popular and easy to use CMS available today…and lots of plugins and themes available. There are lots of developers who can help you and there are regular updates and developments for Wordpress. It is easy to use and the plugins are amazing and mostly free.
Wordpress is easy to learn and there are plently of books and tutorials available.
Joomla1 is another alternative but it is slowly but surely losing its charm. it is difficult to customize a theme and it has a steep learning curve. there are modules and plugins and components available but not many as wordpress.

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