CMS but not Joomla

Hi All,

I have to put a proposal together for a possible client. He wants a CMS, but already has Joomla and does not want this again. He finds it hard to use and wants a much easier system.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I was thinking of Expression Engine, but dont really know it.

He wants easy to manage gallery software, search, newsletter module, a possible payment facility, a banner module, and a paid download facility (pdfs etc)

Any ideas are very welcome, especially about the basic cms


I will say Go for Wordpress. I am not sure of newsletter module but all other plugins are available in wordpress. Also wordpress is very good for search engines and easy to manage too.

Also Drupal may be the option but I never used it.

I also think that WORDPRESS is easy to use CMS,It has a lot of plug-ins can help SEO

Yes they are right after Joomla, for me Wordpress is the one. I have found that people don’t like Joomla because they don’t get to know the system well, or just they don’t have somebody to support them on that CMS. Joomla is easy, and a lot easier, if your web designer give you the right support.

I’m a joomla professional that has recently found my love lies with wordpress. It’s a simple platform that is designed to be molded by it’s owners.

Joomla’s good, but joomla is also a brick. There are no hooks in joomla, they maintain all of the control.

Wordpress is king - SEO wise it’s also just perfect. Easy to use, and easy to set up! I use Wordpress templates all the time at work :slight_smile:

If it is not too complex website and he just want to get RID of Joomla then I’ll suggest to go with Wordpress. Wordpress has all plugins/components available requested by you.

Drupal is a CMS which is Open source and can perfectly suit all your requirements

If he finds Joomla complex, Drupal is definitely not the answer, I’d say EE, Wordpress or CMSMS are all more user friendly.

Many CMS’s will do what you want, but as your client has special needs (ie a conrol panel they can understand and use) I’d say take some of the suggestions and show the CP’s to your client so they can make an informed decision.

I regularly take this approach with my customers and have always found that they appreciate being able to decide for themselves. Incidently, most choose Expressionengine :slight_smile:

Wordpress is all. It starts there and ends there. With wordpress you don’t need anything else.

I agree with the simplicity of Wordpress.

But if your client wants something specific and maybe simple, why don’t you build a custom CMS that will suit his needs exactly?

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