What to know for a entry-level php position?

First let me say in advances Im very appreciative for everyone who will take the time to help me out and for this Im very grateful!

Okay, I want to know if my skill sets are sufficient enough to obtain a entry-level php position?
And if I do not possess the necessary skills, what should i focus on?
Am i on the correct path in becoming a dev?

I use to be in IT and now I’ve switched my career direction in web development.
Everything I know is self taught.

  • PHP procedural code /MYSQL (enough to build my own ecommerce site and a very very very simple CMS)
  • BASIC Javascript (form validations, a small gallery)
  • BASIC understanding of OOP but havent implemented anything. Ive just grasped the concept and syntax

once I get comfortable with the things I’m currently working on, next on my list is learning a MVC (CI) and some sort of basic version control (GIT or SVN). Im just doing what I see other people do not sure if its the correct move.

I should also note that I have made an online portfolio that displays my work but im worried that it would not be appealing because none of them are live.


There’s no hard and fast rule on what you should know.

Someone here might give you a huge list of things you should know, but really, you have to learn to walk before learning on how to run. How you do something in PHP is going to heavily depend on what framework you use, but if there’s one thing I would brush up on, is basic security.

My suggestion is to look at your local community college (if you live in an sub/urban area) and look for an internship position, and/or an actual entry level position that is willing to take on someone unexperienced (they usually pay 10-12/hr or so).

I personally took an unpaid internship, after a few months of it - they hired me on as a full time developer and within 2 years become their lead. So looking back it was definitely worth the initial cost of not getting paid.

Very few places will take on someone who doesn’t have years of experience - so if you have the time/money - I would do what I did (or at least work underpaid).

If you can’t, then you should continue to build sites that are dynamic and database driven to teach yourself because the only way to learn is to actually do it and make mistakes. Another option would be become a developer for a specific platform, I would recommend Wordpress, because that one from my time spent browsing craigslist, is the most common platform that companies seem to look for. Once you get your footing, the skys the limit :wink:

Yep, I totally agree with you. If I could, I would take on an non-paid internship. My situation wont allow it at the moment.

I guess Im just trying to find some sort of bearing to lead me into the right direction. Just a general area what i need to be working on and not working on.

Thank your for your reply. I will most certainly take your advice on just keep working on my skills and keep making projects and learning until it hurts. Hopefully I can make something out of it.