Essential quals/experience for a PHP developer?

Not really coding related, but I am looking for some advice.

I have been given the gift of time (and some money) to invest in some personal development, ideally to improve CV, but most importantly, improve my skill.

I generally work with PHP and front end technology… HTML, CSS, jQuery … trying to learn Vue. I only possess some small computing qualifications and a diploma in Web Development, I’m self taught for the most part.

In my position, what exactly would be the best way to invest time and money? What are employers looking for in 2017?

How beneficial would it be to attend Laracon or some other Laravel investment… or maybe going back to basics and taking the Zend exam? Other than buying a shed load of books and studying I’m not sure what else is available to add value to a CV?

Thoughts? … thanks :slight_smile:

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Here are two recent SitePoint articles that you may find useful:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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