Breaking into the industry as a PHP developer

Hi All,

Yes I know, this may be the most asked question of all time, but esteemed gentlemen—what are your suggestions, recommendations and advice for someone looking to get into web development via PHP/MYSQL?

Some context I’ve started with HTML/CSS and worked over to JavaScript for a bit. Then branched off and learned some fundamentals of Ruby before finally settling in on learning PHP full time.

  1. Are there certain guidelines I should follow as far as learning is concerned?
  2. What can I show prospective employers in terms of landing that first job and getting my foot in the door? (i.e., personal projects, applications etc.)
  3. Any other advice you can suggest to a humble self taught (…and still learning) php dev working hard to get into the industry.

Cheers and many thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!

The last time that I looked at what web design and/or development jobs were about locally, they generally listed the things they wanted a prospective employee to have experience in and how many years experience of each thing they expected. Have a look through your local jobs listings, contact some companies, even if they’re not looking for staff and ask them what sort of experience someone looking to work for them would be expected to have.