[AU] Jr. Front-end + PHP developer need some advices~ I'm lost...help

Hello everyone,

I’ve completed both my master and bachelor degree in multimedia and i’ve been working 18 months in the industry as a front-end developer | PHP & MySQL in Melbourne, Australia. I am the only developer in the team and i don’t have any friends or knew any other developers. So if there is any developers meet up event open to the public i would really love to join if there is an opportunity.

There are a few things that i wasn’t so sure about myself and i hope i could get some advices here.

I have the following skills:

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery / PHP / MySQL / ActionScript 3.0 / Photoshop / Flash / Illustrator / HTML Email / Entry Level Responsive Web Development

I’m currently learning:

  • GIT / Wordpress websites

Interested with:

  • Magento / Zend Framework / Backbone.js / expand my JS skills

I’m familiar with Wordpress and Joomla website and be able to manage content updates and edit Wordpress theme.

My Current Salary:

  • $40k package


  1. What salary i should be getting based on my experiences and skills sets today?
  2. Is there any problems with my skills development plan? What are the skills that i should be focus first? Should i concentrate on JS and put PHP or maybe other stuff behind? I’m more happy to become a front-end developer but i really do like to have some back-end skills that i’ve mentioned above. What should i do?
  3. How can i make myself be better in the market?

Thank you.

Hi Kurosagi,

my suggestion for some skills that are a bit deeper and will differentiate yourself from the pack:

Apache Server setup (local and on server)
Basic web server command line administration
MySQL design and optimisation skills: referential integrity, index use, query optimisation, replication

Have you checked out meetup.com? There is at least the Joomla meetup, I think you will find some good peers there.

Hope this helps,


Dear jdog,

Thank you for your reply, i’m appreciate.

I’ll check the list of skills that you’ve mentioned and put some investment on those. That’s helpful, so that i knew what are the elements that i’m missing from part of the skills that i had.

Yes, been start using the app since last year and joined a few wordpress and joomla meetup, love that. But i couldn’t found anything with front-end + php discussion :slight_smile: was hoping if there is one so that i can develop myself better.